The McCarver Park Community Gardens are looking beautiful and are pretty close to being finished. We have all of the beds in and they are filled with dirt. Most of the ground is covered with cardboard and chips. Raspberries and cherry trees have been planted. We have a beautiful path that connects one end of the garden with the other. The rock path features the “Peace Rock” in the center of the circle which will be covered with PeaceMaker hand prints (an inspirational idea from one of the Peace Makers). Still to be constructed is the Garden Shed and Compost Bins.

We will be starting the process of finding gardeners within the community that want to utilize this beautiful space. After the community has had the opportunity to secure their plot, the gardens will be open to everyone. Dues are $20.00 a year which will go back into the garden fund. Please let us know if you would like to participate in either the garden itself and or on the Garden Club Committee.

A big thank you goes out to everyone that has either donated their time or supplies to make this garden a reality. Big Thank You’s go out to Grays Lumber, Center Street Tacoma Home Depot, Metro Parks, Project U, Youth United, McCarver Staff, Hilltop Community, My family and Most of all the Peace Makers for all of their Hard Labor and Inspiration.

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Agenda Monday, April 11, 2011

Old Business:
Action Item’s:
Grant Elem. (Set up Meeting)
Make new Face Book Page for BCG (Jordan)
Talk to Kristen (Julia)
Worms (Chris)
Trees, Plants, and Dirt (Julia)
Check on Dirt and Gravel discounts and availability (Chris)
Business Plan (Jordan)
Check on Availability of Fish House and/or Harmon for Fund Raiser/Takeover (Jordan/Chris)
Letter and Appointment (Julia)
New Business:
 Next Work Party Agenda. Where are we at with Dirt.
 Bylaws for Community Garden. Any Suggestions?
 Things to discuss with Larry. Any Suggestions
 PeaceMaker Days.  Suggestion on Activities.
 Presence at P in P day.  Any Suggestions?
 Need Carpenters who are licensed for building beds.  Any Suggestions.
 Report on finances.
 Should we buy copy of QB for Non Profits?
Amazon has it for $279.99.
 Starting a Non Profit questionnaire.

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Old Business:
Action Items:
 Chrystal will contact Costco and other Distributors to see if they will donate items need to cook with. (Action Item)
 Need to purchase seeds and dirt for planting project.  Need egg cartons. (Action Item
 Chris said he would call Joe Brady at Metro Parks about Chips that will be needed (Action Item)
 Sean said all Project:U volunteers would be fed out of PU funding and Chrystal was picking up donated Pizzas from Pappa Johns. (Action Item)
 Cc email sent to Doug Frasier of Metro Parks regarding Shed Designs to Sean. (Action Item)
 Plates and Silverware? (Action Item) (Chris will call rental co)
New Business:
 Family Fun Night, Activities and Food.  Who’s doing what?  When will we start cooking?  Have we contacted Speakers?  Should we have an Agenda for event?
 April 2nd Work day.  Home Depot and supplies to be donated.  Who’s coming and what to be accomplished.
 Once garden is installed, what’s next for McCarver.
 Next week Drew and Jennifer to attend meeting to discuss Donation Mentions in Garden and possible ideas for combined efforts to obtain more donations.  Jennifer talked to Chris. Report from Chris on Conversation.
 Worms. When should we install worm in Composter.
 Compost Program. After Spring Break we will begin Compost program.  How should we accomplish?
 Educational packages?  Did anyone look at the available packages I sent.

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Special Guest: Carol Ramm-Gramenz
Old Business:
Action Items:
 Create Canvas Material (Julia) Done
 Work on Compost Poster (Sean, Julia and Chris) Done
 List of tools that Susan and Husband have for building (Julia)
 Chrystal requested Letterhead (Julia) Done
 Create a Template to have electronic copy (Sean)
 Need to Check with 4-H and ask about Program and whether we can work together. (Action Item) (Julia)
 Need to Check with Marina about contribution.  How to access.(Action Item) (Chris) Done Still need to let MP know when we want rocks and how much.
 Worms.  Need to get some. (Action Item) (Chris)
 Dirt.  Need it Donated.  Chris would really like to work with a company in Puyallup who has a 3way Mushroom mix.  Need 100-125 yards.  Can we afford to buy.  Check with Dirt Company how much it would cost. (Action Item ) (Chris) (Julia will check with O’Neils at Erin Rockery)
 Plates and Silverware? Ask Carol (Action Item) (Julia) Done Chris is contacting rental companies about donation.
Family Fun Night;
1. Food will be prepared by Chris and Julia (Chris wanted to make bread but it was decided that it would be too much work.  Vote was taken no’s won) Ragu on Pasta, Bread and Spinach Salad. What for desert? How about Chocolate Zucchini cupcakes?
2. Chrystal will contact Costco for donations. Send quantities to Chrystal.(Action Item)
3. Who will help serve?
4. Projects for Kids? Still need to work on this
5. Presenters. Who will they be? Have Gleening Project, Farmers Market. What about Kate from Jason Lee with Hilltop Artists. Contact to confirm. (Action Item)
6. Plates and Silverware? Ask Carol (Action Item) (Julia)
 Items still need to be donated for Gardens:
1. Food for Volunteers
2. Rocks
3. Straw Bales
4. Potato Sacks
5. Dirt
6. Lumber for Shed and Beds
7. Plants
8. Fruit Trees
9. Bulbs
10. Grass
11. Cardboard.  We might need Jordan’s Dads Truck to Haul.
 Trees in Community Garden and placement of Trees.  Metro Parks would like us to place along back of Garden.
 Documentation of workdays and events.  Need to have sign in sheets available at all events.  Sean suggested that we create a template so we had an electronic copy and would only need to add to it.  Sean said he would create. How about Photos?
 Track donations and get receipts for everything including donated food.
 Plan for workers.  What do we want them to accomplish?
Composting Program.
 Where do we go from here.  How do we obtain Greens for Garden Compost.  Organic?
Wed 3/16/2011 PeaceMakers, CASTINGS, Garden Leadership team to Home Depot
Fri 3/18/2011 PeaceMakers 4-6
Sat 3/19/2011 Community Garden Meeting 10-2

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Park Appreciation Day Saturday April 16th

For Park Appreciation Day this Saturday April 16th we will be doing a LOT of great work . After a great donation from Grays Lumber we are finally on our way to building the raised beds for the Bamford Community Garden at McCarver Park. We are hoping that we will have a lot of volunteers come lend a hand, bring a power drill if they have one and have some fun (hopefully in the sun).
We also might be moving some soil and or wood chips, so we hope they remember their gloves!

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Community Garden Workday, Sunday April 11th

On Sunday April 11th we installed the final phases of the community garden pathway. The rain stayed away until we were done and many volunteers from CASTINGS, PeaceMakers, McCarver Elementary Staff, McCarver Park Garden Club, and neighbors to the park showing up to work.

And work we did in abundance!!! We shoveled, pulled weeds and compacted the rocks into the pathway. Now you can actually walk through the garden without sinking into mud. Next Saturday we will be back working on raised garden beds and laying chips in the Community Garden. What a great way to celebrate Park Appreciation Day.

I was remiss in saying we only had 4 volunteers last Saturday. Kenneth Lombardi was forgotten on my list of volunteers and I am not sure how I could have made this mistake. I know his feet were really hurting when we were finished so he certainly paid his dues.

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3rd Community and School Garden Workday at McCarver

On our third Community Garden day at Bamford and McCarver Gardens we were down to 4 people, Julia, Chris, Sean and Jordan. Poor Dan Smith showed up to kibitz and we handed him and shovel and pointed to the 10 yard rock pile. Thanks by the way Dan for all of your help today. We couldn’t have done without you!!! One PeaceMaker dropped by and in true PeaceMaker fashion grabbed a rake to help. I love these kids.

We managed to move not only the 10 yards of rock in the Community Garden but about 8 yards of chips to finish off the Student Garden. Now we just need dirt and the plants around the edge and the kids will be ready to plant.

The Community Garden still has a lot of work left to do. We need to finish the path, build the beds, lay down cardboard and chips and fill the beds with dirt so they are plant ready. We hope to be back again next weekend to build the beds and lay the chips. So if you want to spend some time doing a great community service drop on by and we’ll hand you a shovel too.

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