Community Garden Work Day

Today March 12th CASTINGS and volunteers from Youth United, Civitas, and PeaceMakers from McCarver Elem. will be breaking ground on the Bamford Community gardens located in McCarver Park.

After watching an inspiring video about the PeaceMakers last night at a PM meeting I am even more energized to see these gardens come alive. Of course it’s raining here in the Pacific NW, but that won’t stop us from picking up our shovels and rakes.  We are true Northwest natives and a little rain won’t dampen our spirits.

We are however really looking forward to the donated time and equipment that has been generously supplied by Metro Parks and Sean’s friend.  The use of a bobcat to dig the pathway is really exciting. Not that I don’t like hauling dirt around in wheelbarrows…no not me.

Last Saturday we worked on the school garden.  We laid cardboard and hauled 10 yards of bark to cover the cardboard and soil.  We placed the raised beds that we had constructed in September with the help of Rebuilding South Sound, PeaceMakers, and local volunteers. We also assembled our compost bins (out of Pallets) and placed worm boxes.

I am bit worried about the worm boxes getting to cold in the winter so we put a lot of cardboard underneath to help insulate the worms little bodies when the freezing weather returns.  Now we just have to get our hands on some worms.

The PM’s started saving scraps for their compost bins helping us did them out of the trash last night.  Of course we washed our hands afterwards.  Our posters are done so we can mount them in the cafeteria to illustrate the do’s and dont’s of composting.  Great drawings were done by the PM’s for the posters.  We will start composting after spring break is over.  We are all excited to see this project started.


About castingsorg

Non Profit organization - Fulfilling a dream by motivating and educating Tacoma’s youth and community members in order to construct and sustain a healthy way of living. We believe this can be achieved through agriculture by means of educational integration in school systems and local community support.
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