3rd Community and School Garden Workday at McCarver

On our third Community Garden day at Bamford and McCarver Gardens we were down to 4 people, Julia, Chris, Sean and Jordan. Poor Dan Smith showed up to kibitz and we handed him and shovel and pointed to the 10 yard rock pile. Thanks by the way Dan for all of your help today. We couldn’t have done without you!!! One PeaceMaker dropped by and in true PeaceMaker fashion grabbed a rake to help. I love these kids.

We managed to move not only the 10 yards of rock in the Community Garden but about 8 yards of chips to finish off the Student Garden. Now we just need dirt and the plants around the edge and the kids will be ready to plant.

The Community Garden still has a lot of work left to do. We need to finish the path, build the beds, lay down cardboard and chips and fill the beds with dirt so they are plant ready. We hope to be back again next weekend to build the beds and lay the chips. So if you want to spend some time doing a great community service drop on by and we’ll hand you a shovel too.


About castingsorg

Non Profit organization - Fulfilling a dream by motivating and educating Tacoma’s youth and community members in order to construct and sustain a healthy way of living. We believe this can be achieved through agriculture by means of educational integration in school systems and local community support.
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2 Responses to 3rd Community and School Garden Workday at McCarver

  1. I have been looking for more information on McCarver and the Zina Linnik Project. I am happy to have finally found some useful information. If there is any need for volunteers please contact me so i can add it to my site at https://volunteeringforfun.wordpress.com/
    or contact me via http://twitter.com/KevenShowalter
    or kevenshowalter@hotmail.com

    • castingsorg says:

      Hi Kevin,

      CASTINGS as you might guess is always happy to have volunteers join us. We will be having another work day this Saturday May 14th at McCarver Park in the Community Gardens. We will be filling the beds with dirt and laying chips along with cardboard on the ground.

      The gardens are looking great and the community is getting anxious to start gardening. The Students are already working and planting in their gardens. Rain or shine the Peace Makers are willing to help and participate.

      Please feel free to contact us at castingsorg@gmail.com if you have any questions and also please join us on Saturday if you want to volunteer, but remember to bring gloves.

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