Community Garden Workday, Sunday April 11th

On Sunday April 11th we installed the final phases of the community garden pathway. The rain stayed away until we were done and many volunteers from CASTINGS, PeaceMakers, McCarver Elementary Staff, McCarver Park Garden Club, and neighbors to the park showing up to work.

And work we did in abundance!!! We shoveled, pulled weeds and compacted the rocks into the pathway. Now you can actually walk through the garden without sinking into mud. Next Saturday we will be back working on raised garden beds and laying chips in the Community Garden. What a great way to celebrate Park Appreciation Day.

I was remiss in saying we only had 4 volunteers last Saturday. Kenneth Lombardi was forgotten on my list of volunteers and I am not sure how I could have made this mistake. I know his feet were really hurting when we were finished so he certainly paid his dues.


About castingsorg

Non Profit organization - Fulfilling a dream by motivating and educating Tacoma’s youth and community members in order to construct and sustain a healthy way of living. We believe this can be achieved through agriculture by means of educational integration in school systems and local community support.
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