The McCarver Park Community Gardens are looking beautiful and are pretty close to being finished. We have all of the beds in and they are filled with dirt. Most of the ground is covered with cardboard and chips. Raspberries and cherry trees have been planted. We have a beautiful path that connects one end of the garden with the other. The rock path features the “Peace Rock” in the center of the circle which will be covered with PeaceMaker hand prints (an inspirational idea from one of the Peace Makers). Still to be constructed is the Garden Shed and Compost Bins.

We will be starting the process of finding gardeners within the community that want to utilize this beautiful space. After the community has had the opportunity to secure their plot, the gardens will be open to everyone. Dues are $20.00 a year which will go back into the garden fund. Please let us know if you would like to participate in either the garden itself and or on the Garden Club Committee.

A big thank you goes out to everyone that has either donated their time or supplies to make this garden a reality. Big Thank You’s go out to Grays Lumber, Center Street Tacoma Home Depot, Metro Parks, Project U, Youth United, McCarver Staff, Hilltop Community, My family and Most of all the Peace Makers for all of their Hard Labor and Inspiration.


About castingsorg

Non Profit organization - Fulfilling a dream by motivating and educating Tacoma’s youth and community members in order to construct and sustain a healthy way of living. We believe this can be achieved through agriculture by means of educational integration in school systems and local community support.
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